Thursday, March 5, 2009

I've been a bad bad boy...

So today was one of those Naughty days. I went out to lunch with some friends and that wasn't the greatest of ideas when you are craving tons of fatty substances. Why is it that you tell yourself that you are going to be completely strong and you end up gouging yourself on all sorts of declicous food?
Another reason why today was so crazy. I had a huge test and was stressed out! Thursday not so much fun! However if you get the chance watch the movie Murderball!

However I avoided caffiene! Yay! Three whole days without one of these!

Bridgit Jones Moment of the day:


BMI: Same

Water: 58 oz

Sleep: 6 hours

Miles Walked: 8.4 miles

Calories Burned: 1350.9

Minutes worked out:0 (Bad I know!)

Meals for the Day:

Breafeast: Oatmeal (not instant)

Lunch: Chicken Quasidalla from Cafe Isbis

Dinner: Leftover slice of Quasidalla

Snacks: small scoop of peppermint ice cream, yogurt, string cheese, and almond joy. (Last One!)

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