Thursday, March 26, 2009

My secret and only real true love..

My Name is Blake and I have a problem...

I truly love this Show!

Do you want to hear the story about my little obession? You see it was shortly after my favorite teenage drama had been removed from the air (The O.C how I truly loved you but I found somebody new, its not you it's me call me sometime..) and I was looking for something to fill in the gap that had been left in my heart. I was lonely, desperate, and scared.

One night after finals week of christmas break my roommates (and most of the building) fled home to be pampered by their loving parents. While I alone and sufffering with just a bowl of Cup of noodles and cheezy holiday songs tried to stave off the emptiness that had been placed into my life by the cancelation of the O.C. What was I to do? Sitting alone in an empty apartment (and deciding that I needed to find some nurishment and better entertainment) I went off to find an adventure.

So I went to Walmart (Don't Judge not all of us have a Target near by).

Filling my grocrey cart with oreos (the red christmas ones. It's not that I don't like the regular ones but the ones with color seem to taste better but to each their own) and milk I went to the movie department. There it was. The first season on a special holiday clearance for 10.00 Dollars! So I went home and put it in the DVD player and from the moment the ABC symbol appeared I proceeded to watch the whole first season in one night! I couldn't stop. I needed to know what was going to happen next what doctor was going to sleep with the other, who had parent issues, and lets face it we are all Merideths searching for a McDreamy.

It was at 4 in the morning when I was buying the second season that I knew I could never go back.

Since then I wait every fall for the new season to come out on DVD. This season is the first I have actually watched during the whole course of a year. Thanks to my person (Katie) each Thursday is an adventure to be explored.

Bridget Jones moment:
Wii fit age:32 (how did that happen?)
Miles or steps: 8.2 miles or 15,202

Calories: 1255.1
I don't workout on thursdays. There just isn't time!
2 eggs with Candian bacon and mushrooms
Chef salad
Salmon and Brocoli
Fudgesical (I ran out and had to buy more but thats another post), a cup of hot chocolate (if its going to snow all the time I might as well).

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  1. You are too much! I too love the colored oreos! I look forward to your post every day! I don't watch Greys, maybe I need to borrow your first season and see how it goes! Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? My obsession, cannot get funnier than Barney Stinson!