Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day five here at Camp South Beach.

Dear people,
It is day five here at Camp South Beach. Things are starting to get rough over here. Sugar attacks are coming from all angles and the troops are begining to deal with apathy towards lean foods. We haven't heard a word from camp cupcake in over five days, the same with quadron Hagaan Daz. We are worried that they have been captured. Moral is low. So low that I had a contraband substance. One pretezel. It was there in a bowl and before I knew it the salty carb was in my mouth. I feel so dirty. Like I betrayed my fellow soilders. I will repent tomorrow. Hopefully things will pick up. Till the next letter.

Bridgit Jones Moment:
2 eggs 2 slices of Candian Bacon, mushrooms, 4ozs of yogurt, and 3 pieces of chopped celery with laughing cow.
Club Salad with 2 tbps of Italian dressing
Salmon with rosemary, and brocoli
15 almonds 1 peppermint (sugar free), 2 fudgiscals, 1 string cheese, and 4 pieces of celery with peanut butter and the unmentionable single preztel.
Weight: 222.7
Water: 5 liters
Steps 8330 or 4.6 miles
Workout: 30 minutes on the ellicptical.

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