Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh how I have fallen..kinda...

(First I must send out an apology to my friend Katie who took this photo she is very rarely seen stuffing her face while I on the other hand is quite known to do it all the time!)
Today I had enough of the South Beach. I didn't want that great healthy breakfeast but rather I wanted a big ole' scone from Angies. If you have not had a scone from Angies than shame on you come up to Logan and I will take you to the place where the Locals eat! And I will introduce you to this wonderful thing served with honeybutter, slathered all over the place. These are not small scones. Starving children somewhere could tear this apart and be full for months on end. I know because it has often been my college version of mana. Some people have cup o noddles and Ramen. I have scones from Angies.

My body was missing the carbs. Day ten on the death march as I have begun to call it and so I took five minute break. Did I drive down to Angies like my body wanted me to? No. I still don't trust myself yet to go crazy, I still avoid Ice cream (except for those marvelous, wonderful, beautifully created sugar free fudgeiscals. praise to the person who created them!) Chocolate no,(well sugar free turtles) and no bread. None.

Today was a special day. My friend Camille had come down from Boise (this woman who inspires me on so many levels. Virtual Slurpee runs? Midnight drives to Krispey Kremes? Priceless!) and we needed to visit a resturant. Not just any resturant but Cafe~Sabor! Again if you have not eaten there then you need to come up and visit Blake and I will take you there. (Are you catching the subtle hints yet?) So I had their Deluxe Taco Salad. Marvelous! I didn't even eat the whole thing! Insert praise here_____. To top it off I didn't even eat desert. Surprising no?

I think I am ready to enter phase 2 of the diet where I reintroduce myself to fruit, and complex carbs, but I have learned that Jorge is a marvelous bread maker so we are going to try very heart healthy breads. If not then off to Shaffers Bakery (I might have to have one 60 cent eclair) remisent of the great ones ZCMI used to have. A moment of silence for the fallen pastry. Anyway back to the point they have great bread and its cheap and its healthy. (Join me for an eclair?)
Has anybody tried these? Coldstone Cupcakes? If you have will you take a moment and leave a comment about them? Tell me if they are good? Bad? Worth it? I won't get it but whoever writes the best description I will give them my coupon for a free one.

Say goodnight Blakie!

Bridget Jones Moment:

Since I took the day off from the diet I didn't do the weighing, pedometer,etc. So tomorrow that will be a joyous reuion!

Breakfeast: Didn't have time for it.
Chicken salad with beans, mushrooms, celery, and a smile!
Deluxe Taco salad. with chips and a glass of water.
Sugar free turtle , 2 cookies, and thats it!

Tomorrow I might be blogging from O-Town. It might be a very bare bones kinda show. Sorry folks!

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