Friday, March 20, 2009

Hi Mr. Boss Man!

I am sitting in the Lundstrum office on the first day of spring. It is nice outside a lovely 52 degrees. I however am stuck inside my cell (excuse me the office) watching the lovely day outside with the door open listening to the breeze and traffic passing by. As I sit here staring out the window I am faced with this.

"Excuse me but can we rent some discs for Frisbee golf?"

(Can't they see I am busy staring out the window? )

Me: Do you have your Student Id's?

(How dare they interupt my spring fever? Don't they know that I am in Mourning for the Aggies?)

"We don't go to this School."

Me: Well then I can't let you check them out.

(Sweet now I can sit here and arrange the pencils in order)

Suddenly Mr. Bossman appears. The big boss. My boss boss boss. Three chains of authority. The big honcho.

Mr. Bossman: This is my son. He is going on a mission in a week. These are his firends. You can put their discs on my Id card.

Me: Gulp.

Them: Smile and saunter off into the realm of frisbe golf.

I hate frisbee golf.

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  1. Blake....seriously, this is the funniest blog ever. I'm responding on your blog because I know when there is a comment (like yours) on whole world is turned around. (so proud, so proud) but back to what I was saying...our WHOLE family reads and discusses how hilarious you are!! Thanks for getting us talking to each other again. Blessings, my child.
    love you!!