Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've Got Soul but I'm Not a Soldier..

These last couple of days have been so nice for a vacation but now I am hitting that slump where all I feel is like seriously this isn't so exiciting anymore and can we go out for ice cream? I went to the gym yesterday and it was great! I did two miles on the ellicptical and two miles on the machine that is the ellicptical but without the arm movements and then I did a mile around the track. Whee!

Then today I was naughty I woke up early (on my spring break! WTF?) and then went back to bed. I did two miles on the treadmill and normally my Fergie/Beyonce/The Killers mix gets me through but I was dying! The joys of being out of shape and fat!

Bridgit Jones Moment:
Water: 48 oz
BMI: Haven't checked
What did I eat:
6 oz of V8 and then I went back to bed.
Veggie Sandwich at Villa Bella
1/3 chicken Ceaser salad with basalmic vinger
Slow cooked pork
veggies (1/3 cup)
Brown rice (1/3 cup)
and a pepper jack cheese stick.
3 lifesaver mints
1/2 cup popcorn air popped with no butter or salt.

Starting on Monday comes the southbeach diet! YAY!

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