Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

This is my new fridge magnet for New Years resolutions. Feel free to make one for yourself.

Cause nothing stops you from shoveling food in your mouth than judgemental hipster Blake. 

Right now it is snowing on top of black ice and Im stuck at the Drs office to get my face zapped. Nothing says Merry Christmas like bleeding sores! I'd post pictures but that would be awkward for the both of us. Afterwards I plan on going home getting into my bed and embracing my good friend mr Nightquill cause nothing says you've done too much with no sleep than sounding like a eighty year smoker named Delores. 

I am having a good moment today. All of my presents are arriving, some are wrapped my house is no longer a FEMA site and Christmas Vaction is on Netflix. I'm going into full on hermit status and to tell you the truth I'm okay with it. I need it. 

It's been a hard week. Nothing overtly emotional or traumatic just pushing myself too hard with no recovery doesn't make for a fun Blake. So feel free to use said picture above for a magnet. 

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