Thursday, December 5, 2013

Shaking it Like a Black Girl Up in Harlem

Happy Double Stamp Day! I don't watch Family Guy but I saw this on Pinterest and it describes me at work perfectly with my work BFF's. 

I love Wednesday  for three reasons first it's double stamps at the coffee cart. Get 10 stamps on your card and get a free one! WHOO! Mocha Chiller you be mine for free! I limit myself to one a week on Wen and I get double stamps! So to celebrate this I've declared every Wen. Double Stamp day. It's a weekly holiday! I don't like the sound of the word hump. It brings me back to 2007 when a certain song was played over and over again "My Humps! My Humps! My lovely Lady Lumps..." which was fine till you started seeing rather large people (who are bigger than me) sing it and then you go no no dear. You don't have humps. You have mountains. Oh Fergie for a brief moment we believed and wondered why you had such fascination with London Bridge. 

Reason number two: It's one day closer to my day off! So I know in less than 24 hours I will be free! Free! Free to sleep! Wear sweats! Catch up on my stories. Lay there in my bed's warm embrace and not feel obligated to do anything else but enjoy it's warmth. Plus it means it's just one more day till Friday and then off to the best forty eight hours ever. The weekend! 

Reason number three: Did I mention it was double stamp day? Okay you don't know how excited I get. I was sick one Wen. I got a text from my BFF barista  Julie and almost all my co-workers to let me know that I was missing double stamp day and hoping I feeling better. I felt so popular. 

Today was really bad. I woke up this morning at four (no I wasn't THAT excited. It's double stamp day not CHRISTMAS!)  and did some glorious ESTY shopping. Why was I born brilliantly witty but so damn broke?  So I window shopped till my alarm went off. I must apologize to my smoking neighbors below me.* insert rant here I can't win! Fan or cigarette smoke. Can't I just get a quiet tortured poet girl to live below me and hear her cry over Grey's? Heck. I'd be the nice neighbor that brought down his new friends Talenti Gelato and said here we both need this and share a box of Kleenex? Is that too much to ask for? **Rant over. any way Beyonce got me out of bed singing Get Bodied. Let's just say I didn't hit snooze or turn it off. to refresh click here here. Don't worry I'll wait. 

Okay so after my shower was like I want your body (like I was going to ignore that) I got ready for work. Since I'm training the mini me I was sitting at my desk bored. So I decided that the best way to learn was to figure it out for herself I had a great 30 second party in the hidden office behind the MAMMO desk.  Then I actually did all the nasty work that I've been putting off.  

Then I got in the car. 

Guess what was playing...

CHILDREN GO WHERE I'LL SEND THEE....oh look another song...

Needless to say it's 12:30 am on Thursday and I'm singing CHILDREN GO WHERE I SEND THEE! Trying to figure out where in the world they were sent! 

I'm gonna see four by four...and one for the itty bitty baby...

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