Thursday, December 26, 2013

City Sidewalks

I'm a little to FA LA LA'd and HO HO HO'd out. 

I've stuffed myself and I can't move.

My fingers are too fat to type.

My thoughts are crystallized.

I've got tape in my hair and string wrapped around my clothes.

Wrapping paper exploding from all angles. 

I wouldn't have it any way. 

Right now. I'm grateful for right now. 

Huh Huh.

Right now. 

Happy isn't hard to be when all you need is family. 

That tomorrow I only have two days left of the billable year. 

Then no more mammos till 2014! 

WEE! Squeals this fat man. 

Fat hand clap of happiness. 

So yeah as you can tell I was really productive today. 


I'm not sorry. 

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