Monday, December 16, 2013

Swinging and Making Merry like Christmas

I know. 

I promised you an IKEA hellish experience but it's just having a hard time coming out. Apparently I've still got to work through my emotional trauma. Bare with me. It was very traumatic and I'm doing my best to not upset Festus.

  December I think is a hard time for everyone. We so desperately want to give and receive happiness to those we care about. It's as if for these four weeks we are suppose to be cheerful, gay, happy caroling through the snow cause Christmas bells are ringing. I had my Christmas overkill on Friday. I had enough of it. Enough of the singing, enough of the cookies enough of the red and green, enough of the bankruptcy and enough of the blowup animals in people's yards. One day I will get a lot of money buy a menagerie of blow up animals and get a nice pair of lawn shears and attack all of them. Take that Santa in the HUMBUG exterminator truck! Watch out frolicking penguins I'm coming for you.Oh you blow up snow-globe with the fake snow you going down!  

Wow. That was dark. Apparently I've got some nylon blow up animals issues.

Anyway let's get back to sappy issue that I was coming around to. Like I said I was done. 

Till I walked out of parent's front door and this is what greeted me. I just stood there after I took my Instagram picture I thought of something. I just thought you know what? I don't care if everything doesn't get done on my Christmas to-do list. I don't care if my presents are all wrapped perfect or if a string of lights are broken. Staring at Malan's Peak decked out in it's winter finery I thought for the last 160 years my family has stood and seen this mountain change through the seasons.  Through great Christmases or not so good ones. They have gotten through it and so will I. Cause we do all of this out of love. Not out obligation or duty but because we love each other.

With the moon up and the mountain there I realized there was no other place I would rather be than in that moment enjoying the beauty presented before me. It was as if nature was like okay you've seen some good shots but watch this! HA! Watch what I can do! 

So there's that. 

Oh and if anybody wants to donate to the destroy the inflated  lawn animal  fund I'll let you join me. 

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