Thursday, December 5, 2013


"These are the only pants that fit me right now"- Regnia George. 

Three months ago I blew the crotch out of my last pair of fat jeans. They had given up the battle and I don't blame them. Yet it left me in a bind. I was close to tipping the scales at 300 pounds.No really I was 280 pounds three more Talenti Gelato and I was gonna end up shopping at Ron's Big and Tall store emphasis on the big not so much on tall. Worse moment of my life.

So it was that moment that I decided I wanted to live. So what was I going to do? I wasn't going to buy new jeans to reward myself for reaching that size. One does not reward bad behavior. So my mom bought me a pair of jeans at Costco ( I heart you) and I said thank you. No really. They a size forty. You could use the material to make yourself a nice blanket, a dress, or if you were adventurous you could use them to reupholster a chair. 

As I work hard as I watch what I eat and say goodbye to old friends its nice to feel these pants get bigger and bigger around me. I know I look terrible yet on one hand I always wanted a pair of those huge baggy pants that were so popular in the late 90's. I feel like Alice getting smaller and smaller with each bite I eat and each time I move my body. 

It's nice to use material as a shield against the world as I work through this great moment in my life. No really cause this time the lesson stuck. Plus it's nice as I hover between this land of extreme fat pants to just regular fat pants. 

So in this moment I just want to say to all the pants that have lost their life in this epic battle of my life I want to ask you to give them a moment of silence. 

Old Navy Grey Pants 2009-2013
Gap Cargo Pants 2012-2013
Banana Republic Pants 2008-2012 
Levis 2010-2013
Black North Face Athletic Pants 2008-2013

I'll never forget you. 

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