Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In the Bleak Midwinter

Y'all there has been a tragic lost in the Ure household today Manuela the beloved blender was inadvertently killed by a jawbreaker candy*. As of 9:44 pm after extensive tries with epoxy and prayers Manuela succumbed to her injuries. Jorge the mixer and Pito thank you for your extensive prayers and messages during this difficult time.

*I don't even like those big things they always destroy your tongue and the candy in the center is gross. Someone gave me one for Christmas and I had in the cabinet above the blender and it rolled out and hit the blender glass and shattered it. It came in like a wrecking ball... it may have wrecked my walls...now I'll have no way to blend at all. Look what thou has brought upon us Miley Cyrus.* 

Other than that I hope you all have a great holiday! 

I'm off to go make out with my pillow and pray that Santa brings me some relief to my good friend Mr. Visa. Cause I apparently have a hole in my kitchen appliance family. 

Manuela the blender was purchased in Sept 2005 she has lived in Merrill hall, the Apartments that shan't be mentioned, Reeder Hall, Evergreen Terrace, Astach Hall, back to Evergreen Terrace, Astach again, the bungalow, to the current swanky B pad. She has blended many festive occasions as RA vacation party, every morning with my morning shake, and had a dangerous flirty adventure making salsa. She will be missed. Donations may be made to the Manuela blender memorial fund attention Blake. Contact me for information. 

Have a safe fun holiday and may Santa bring you lots of Fat pants to make you happy! 



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