Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Brought You Violets for Your Furs

The other day I was bored at work and I thought you know what I need? I need to see flowers. I need to see color. I need something that makes me go yes! Utah gets this nasty awful thing called inversion which blocks in the cold nasty smoggy air and it blocks the sun creating a hellish frozen environment which sits and stays till another storm comes cleans us out for about a day and then bam! It happens all over again. It can drive a person crazy and to drink I tell you. 

So I was sitting there and thought you know what? I'll send my mother flowers. Cause sending them to myself would just be awkward. So who are these flowers from? Oh they came from me cause I deserve it. If that doesn't spark crazy isolated behavior I don't know what else would and besides my apartment is north facing so those poor suckers would freeze to death (it's a toasty 60 degrees here) and I couldn't have that.  

I sent  her flowers and it was wonderful. She has these great big windows that let the light in the kitchen  plus she deserves them. So I called the florist and said I want spring. No babies  breath and not a lot of roses I want flowers that look as if you picked them outside. I think they did a great job.

Cause sometimes you need some color amongst the dreay. Plus why not?

Did I mention how I hate December? I do. I love Christmas I love the idea of giving of sharing and I love the sense of family. Yet I don't get the best news in December people get sick, events happen that change your life, and it always happens within these last two weeks. A bit of news my Dad was admitted to the hospital for blood clots. He's in good spirits and goes in for surgery tomorrow. So please send some extra karma some good energy some prayers on his behalf. I'd be ever so grateful. 

So I will think of these flowers and I will think of spring and I will think this will be a distant memory. In my dreams I will smell the freshness of the grass I will look at the mountains and see them in a bloom in new life. Also I'll think of warmth too. 

Yes I will do that. 


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