Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Hoildays

Happy Holidays. 

This is the grandparent's house. This is what I think of when I think of Christmas. Lots of snow and the lights strung up around the door. As we slowly trickle into town the door is open as we all trundle in to cheers to HELLO! Its great that magic moment when you come into the door and get a that overwhelming sense of family and everybody is happy to see you. 

I kinda need it. 

After you know the whole father rushed to the hospital,  crazy final,  the angry ladies at Mammoland, Duck Dynasty exploding my news feed and the sudden need to send lots of congratulation cards to people its been to put it bluntly a week.  Oh and don't forget to add bankruptcy to that list too. 

So much fun. 

My Dad is doing okay they decided after extensive evaluation to send him home which is awesome! He's sore and tired but I'd rather have that then the alternative. Sad news as well this year I still qualify to be Santa in the Christmas pageant Hunter still has to play Baby Jesus for one more year. So there's that. 

Things are calming down. I have moved in my bed for the next few months till spring comes out and I'll be willing and raring to go. Let's just say today's biggest accomplishment was feeding myself and taking a shower. WOO! As of right now I have some ornaments baking, some wrapping, and some Christmas stories to catch up on. A Charlie Brown Christmas I'm looking at you. It's my favorite. 

So thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts through the last few days. They were much appreciated and felt. Now I'm going to go off and put on my footie pajamas pop some popcorn and enjoy my isolation. Feel free to join me virtually or if you want to use your sled dogs and come here that's fine too. I'm not leaving till spring or when I run out of food whatever comes first. 


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