Friday, December 27, 2013

Go to Sleep Little Babe

This is all I have wanted to do all day. You know you are a grown up when the biggest exciting thing is not to stay up late but instead go to bed early. I've never been more excited than tonight that I have stayed up till 9. I have given it my best but I shall bid adieu to the waking world till tomorrow.  I've got my heating pad, my down comforter, my fat pajamas on who could ask for anymore.

So good night! 

Prepare yourself for the Blake-o-lution. It's coming. It's called the Blake-I-lution cause I don't know rev and it's all bout me. 

Oh bed. How I missed you! 

Excuse me but can you give us 9-10 hrs to better aquatinted? Tomorrow is the day of pre rest and I want to make sure I'm prepared.


It's coming.

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