Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Coming to America

"Honey you're a sweet thing and you look so fine...."- I know. Thanks. 

Today was a hard day. You know your day is going to be a barrel of fun when you wake up sounding like a 80 year old smoker named Delores. Normally I say I sound like a phone sex operator named Rhonda but frankly that takes work and I was too tired for it. 

Finals, Christmas, Saving the world one Mammogram at a time is taxing on a person. I mean I'm good at it but still I mean even Superman gets tired. So after having one of those days where you throw your hands up in the air and look up at the ceiling in all seriousness and go look I'm sorry for all the things I've done through ages 14-21 but really haven't I served my time? 

So at 8:30 pm tonight I was introduced to one of America's Treasures. I mean I can't believe I have never seen such a cinematic classic before. Truly.  Neil Diamond in the cinematic wonder that is JAZZ SINGER. Watching Neil in all of his late 70's glory I realized that my life had been missing such an important element of man's search of meaning in a world of excess and reemerging as singer of traveling means. Laurence Oliver looking like a fish? Oh such power. 

It also helped that Mama Joye knew all the words and had the hand motions that go with it. So now I know what to put on the television for my mother when she loses her memory. I mean I get it. Seeing Neil in sequins and some strong Farrah Hair and pretty awesome facial hair it all made sense to me why Neil Diamond's Christmas album holds disc spot number one at the Mama's house. That and Willie Nelson of course (his rendition of the Fa La La chorus will change you). 

So what had been an exhausting and weary day held a moment of lightness in it in the form of Neil Diamond's glittery shirt. Sometimes we just have to say Hello my Friend hello. So the reason for this wonderful picture above? I'm just providing you with some Hipster Blake flavor. 

Your welcome. 

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