Monday, July 20, 2009


So this weekend was quite the blur.

Lets start out with Saturday.

I have decided that Saturday afternoon's at Farr Better Ice Cream has taught me that people are really quite rude when it comes to getting their sinfully delicious ice cream. After six intense hours of saying "Well yes Sir I understand your frustration that we are out of Waffle cones but we do have four different options and looking at your stomach you probably would benefit from our no sugar added line..." or "Ma'm please put down the napkin holder I understand that you drove down all the way from Alaska to get some Playdough Ice Cream but we are currently out of it. So step away from the bin take a deep breath and hand over the napkin holder please.."

But thankfully time eventually does go on and I was able to leave at five.

When I got a interesting phone call.

Would I like to crash a wedding?

Would I?

Why Yes I would!

So off I went to Millcreek canyon to go to the wonderful restaurant called Log Haven. (Have you ever been there?) So after siting in the civic and driving half way to Provo I finally found the entrance to Millcreek canyon. So I drive up ever so slowly wondering where in the world I was going. As I take twist and turns finally discovering a lovely restaurant called Millcreek Restaurant with a wedding going on and miracles of miracles a parking spot. (I'm late at this point in case you are wondering) Rushing in there looking like I had been at sea for months I was quietly handed a glass of wine from the bartender and told to stand on the back cause I was right in the middle of the wine toast. Standing there vainly looking for my dear friends and cheering this happy couple I quietly but urgently asked the bartender if this was Log Haven? He laughed and said it was a mile up the road. Quickly toasting my glass and handing it back to the very nice bartender I ran to my car.

So to Rachel and Tim I hope you have a wonderful life. If anybody knows them tell them it was me who wrote the very nice description in their wedding scrapbook.

Jumping in the civic I tore out the parking lot with the gravel flying out behind me I finally made it to Log Haven. Where the nice Valet man flagged me down and said "Blake hurry!" How he knew me I had no idea. So literally throwing my keys at the poor man I ran up the stairs met Courtney who had been waiting for me. After a quick clean up in the bathroom I enjoyed a very nice dinner (30 dollar a plate! Better than a salad any old day..)

And proceeded to crash another wedding.

So if anybody needs a wedding date call me!

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