Monday, July 27, 2009

A Piece Of Sky...

Have you ever read a past blog post and gone what in the world was I on when I wrote that one? I did the Wii active this morning (Thanks Stacy! Its awesome!) and I realized that sometimes what we are given are the tools to rearrange your life with. If you can tell lately I have obsessing about how I am stuck in the my old high school self. However As I was skating up Nob hill I realized that I was given Josie Grossie moment.

The chance to get a do over.

Instead of being the husky and boring high school student that I was focused on all the things that were so wrong and depressing in my life I can now be able to be like Look at Me! I'm happy! Yes things haven't changed but my attitude can. A good friend of mine sent me a quote from Elder Wirthlin (Yes here is the Mormon reference in my blog.) "Come What May and Love it." So I am going to try that attitude.

Gain 10 pounds? Bring it on!

Stuck scooping ice cream? What a wonderful way to see the diversity of Ogden City.

Bungalow drama. Well who wouldn't want to live in a soap opera?

All out of TV on DVD? Well I have been meaning to read some informational books.

See it's working already!

Try it today!

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  1. Blake! that was such a great post! I really like that quote, I might have to put that up at my desk. have you heard from any of the jobs at the hospital? I am going to email my old supervisor ASAP!
    Have you ever watched "arrested development?" you should totally rent the 3 seasons and watch them, honestly the FUNNIEST show i've EVER SEEN! I love it, we own them all and we watch them almost daily STILL! Ha ha, there are only 3 seasons.... you'll have to give them a try