Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh Say Can You See...

For some people it is known when the month of July has arrived in Utah. It is the month of the fight of the Patriotic t-shirts at Old Navy. The slight sigh of desperation coming from mothers realizing that school will not start for another month and like a diabetic sugar level after eating a pixie stick (blue is my favorite) a sudden spike in heat descends upon us. For others it is the dilemma do you go to the Days of 47 parade or watch it on television with the AC blasting upon you?

Yet for me July means something different.

It announces the holy mecca of professional cycling.

The Tour De France.

Yes. While others smile in matching fourth of July t-shirts and fight to stave off boredom I watch the tour. When I was younger I used to despise the tour for the mere sake of driving my father nuts it seemed that July was the month the momma took a vacation and left the princess and I in the care of my father. Normally after the fun actives and interesting places my father took us (miniature horse show anyone?) The princess and I would have free access to the forbidden fruit.

Cable Television. Oh how we feasted on the wonders of "You can't say that on Television, Hey Dude, Salute My Shorts and Double Dare. We would come home on would go the Sony and my dad would get some down time. That would change come the month of July. That's when we would race home to watch the latest stage as it was broadcast over to the states. In this P.L period (Pre Lance) it was awkward to explain to my friends who watched baseball with their fathers the wonders and thrilling excitement of the Tour.

For me instead of awkward photos and long parades July equals the excitement of a bicycle race, in those harrowing climbing stages to the triumphant cross to the finish line in Paris that is how I know it is July.

This is part of the big secret that I announced a couple of days ago.

Some highlights of what is coming to Blake Got Fat.

The return of the Bridget Jones Moment.

The slow reveal of the big secret.

Get Excited!

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