Monday, July 13, 2009

Take that Ride...

Sometimes you look at pictures and go what in the world was I thinking?

But that's not the point of this post.After writing the last post I was seriously thinking of throwing the is whole Blake Got Fat project in the dumpster and start fresh with my new new love Mint Chocolate Ice Cream. However she's like a crack whore always trying to score another hit and I realized that no matter what I gave her she would would leave me for some other sugar daddy. (I don't know where this crap comes from but go with it.)

I realize that weight loss and forging a new identity is rather frustrating (like those facebook quizzes they just suck you in and then you realize that you are not the Michal Jackson Song you thought you were) After a rather explosive night at the bungalow and finishing off a half of a half gallon I realized that this wasn't really a healthy way to deal with my frustration. You can eat a lot of food but until you focus on what's really bothering you, its a lot of lonely nights in front of the television with Desperate housewives (or your soap opera of your choice).

I threw away the self medication and wrote this blog post.

I've heard the the withdrawal symptoms can be a real downer. So it might be 2 episodes of season four of desperate housewives tonight instead of one. With the fridge nicely padlocked.


  1. Facebook Quizzes Anonymous, here we come!
    We may also need to consider finding an ice cream addiction recovery support group, and then perhaps reconsider the plan to go get ice cream this week. :) Hang in there, Blakey!

  2. K Blake, don't give up just yet...I love this new icecream that I found...Yes, me...the one you thought never ate anything of the sort. Anyway its made from Coconut milk instead of cream, NO sugar, and is totally divine (also comes in mint chocolate chip) tooo dddie for!! it's in the health food freezer at Smith's...just sayin.

  3. ...just google turtlemountain
    there is another one that is good called "coconut bliss" but it's only at whole foods (too far to drive for me...)
    love ya