Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Think of Me

I gave myself the day off yesterday from the wonderful world of Blake Got Fat, because being as awesome as I am sometimes you just have to give yourself a break in order to humble yourself low enough to gain something to blog about or to put it in laymans terms I was strung out like a junkie watching Desperate Housewives.

Before the phone calls come in lambasting me for not applying for jobs give me a chance to defend myself.I am a die hard Grey's fan. I mean like Thursday night 8pm you do not bother me,do not call me and this is the only time in which I have been known to merely point to the tv and ignore the person talking to me. Yet the day after the fourth of July I was laying in the bungalow dying from a very patriotic version of food poisoning and in my moment of desperate need of entertainment thus I dusted off the first season and was hooked. Can you blame me? I have so little to live for at the moment. From the Mary Alice shocker to the hostage situation at the Grocery store I am utterly hooked.

Looks like my Sunday nights just got more interesting.

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