Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You've Let Yourself Go

I guess the hardest thing to do when you are in your twenties is when you are single is that you hear one of three things 1. Guy Gets Girl they get married (aka please send presents and money). 2. People get their dream jobs 3. Have you met our new addition? Aren't they cute? I'm happy for them I truly am this world is hard enough to go through and when there are moments of joy you really do feel happy for them. But when the moments have come and gone when you are all alone there's a little a little twinge of sadness thinking of the fun their going to have and you start to wonder if you yourself have let yourself go?

The years go by and still you sigh will this be the year the one? And when the chips fall and there you are still the same while others come and go you wonder have I let myself go? What happened to that slender youth I knew I fear I've grown an inch or two not up and down my joy and pride but rather side to side.

When dreaming of chasing pirates and hiding yourself in a tower or to fling all cares aside and board a ship to see the evening subside instead you find yourself alone sitting on the couch watching old TV you wonder have you let yourself go?

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  1. Oh love you Blake. There's an amazing women for you!