Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

Tada! This is me saying sorry about yesterday's post. Sometimes I like to compose my thoughts in a random sequence and in my mind it comes out rather odd. So I apologize. Now that's out of the way here comes my big announcement! Its really big. I tell ya you might have to move to the floor so that you don't fall off your chair. I'm serious. Move to the floor. I'll wait.Good. Are you ready?

I got a haircut!

Wait before you leave it was a rather traumatic experience. There's not a whole lot you can do to ruin my hair. Its thick and straight. The only haircut that it likes is the one from Dumb and Dumber but nobody wants to be called Lloyd now do they. The problem is I never remember what they did six weeks ago. So each time I have to start explaining to whomever I want it short not to shaggy and don't shave my sides to close cause I've got some ugly moles that I don't want to share with the world. So off comes the hair. But the worst part of the experience is the styling of the hair. I can never replicate what they do and after going through bottles of gel I just gave up but today I was feeling rather risky. Dangerous. Cause I'm cool like that at a Great Clips. So when the question came up she asked how would I like my hair styled and I being the genius I am said do something different.

She made me look like my grandpa.

Big ole' part and slicked down the sides. I looked like a fat missionary and my skinny grandpa at the same time. The worst part? Besides the inner fanatic screaming in my head going "You made me look like my grandpa! You made me look my grandpa! " is that I actually thanked her. Paid for the haircut and when I around the corner away from view I fixed my hair.

Crisis diverted.

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