Sunday, March 13, 2011

Climb Every Mountain

Yesterday was the big run of my marathon training. Or as I like to call it the Oh Dear day. Cause every time I look at the calendar I go Oh dear. Yesterday's run was quite the experience.

Not every run starts out like a Nike commercial. Sure there's running but there's lot of prep that goes into it. Making sure I eat the right amount of carbs and water, make sure my ride can pick me up (hey if you were running 11 miles you want to make sure you can get to your car or house) and checking the clothes making sure that the can come off with out making people go OH MY? Is he naked? Yes I know its the parkway but still one has to be aware of the presentation you know. Do I have my shot blocks? My water? Socks on straight?

Then off I go!

After the prepwork I started running enjoying the warmth that has finally has come to the mountain valley. YAY SUNSHINE! At mile 1.30 off comes the paradox shirt. At mile 2.18 had to run into Rainbow Gardens to use the bathroom and blow my nose. Water bottle breaks. Say a of bad words but press on. Mile 7.5 reach the West Haven under bridge notice that river is flooding pathway. Can't go around. Can't go back (cause my car is at the parking lot of the Riverdale parkway) so I take off my shoes and socks and run through the river. So cold! And Wet! But must keep going! Then I slip on the hidden mud. Run barefoot for a half a mile (so my feet can dry and also I kinda wanted to try the barefoot running craze) and I finally get my shoes on thinking Oh glory I've made it half way. Then I noticed it.

The spot.

The spot that looks like I got shot.

Turns out in that little fall had a little more that a quick blam on the ground moment. Turns out I got a lovely bruise and tore off the skin of my nipple. Yes I just broke new ground here at Blake Got Fat I said Nipple. So back to the story. I'm running and getting these odd looks as I run past people and I so wanted to be like yeah run in Ogden get shot keep on going but at that point I was exhausted.

So that was my 11 mile run in whole mass of word vomit.

Yes my nipple and bruise hurt.

But at the same time next week is 12 miles so in perspective what do you do?

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  1. well at least now you know how it feels to nurse a baby :/