Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Morning After

(There's no meaning for this picture. I just picked one on random. Cause I can.)

Can I confess something? I'm afraid of being forgotten. I'm afraid that as I get older that I'm getting less involved in people's lives. I sometimes look at myself and go am I going transparent? Is my life on the same boring track? Are my stories stale? My biggest fear is that when enter a room or visit friends that they go Oh dear not that story or comment or whatever...again.

I'm not asking for sympathy but rather wondering what more can I bring to people's lives? How can I make them happy and glad to see me? My biggest fear is that I'll become that person who you wonder what ever happened to ole so and so? Instead of looking for ole so and so that stories become created and some how you end up dead. But you aren't really dead.

Oh well. Is this just me or do others wonder about this too?

Now for the modified Bridget Jones moment! Aren't you excited?

Seven weeks clean from Coke!

Miles amped up so now I run 4 6 4 and the big run! Which this Saturday is 12 miles! (that's only six one way and six back!)

Went to spinning. Oh my.

I do all this and still only a lousy six pound loss...oh well go with the flow eh?

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