Friday, March 4, 2011

Born this Way

I've lost 5 pounds!

Before you think that I've lost five pounds in one day this is the amount of weight I've lost since I've started training for my life goal of doing a marathon during my 26th year. After my amazing road trip with my dear friend I gave up coke. I only have one treat day which is Saturday. I'm only allowed to have it if I've done my long run. I haven't been perfect with this I admit freely. There are some days where I cave and have a sweet here and there (i.e see the Troop Beverly Hills post). I'm not following any set diet plan. If you are a fat person trying to lose weight you've read all the books, talked to people about nutrition and you know that eating a pint of mint chocolate ice cream while great going down makes you feel like a fat hippo later.

Which leads me to the four principles in which I try to base my life.

TRUTH : I ask myself this often when I make decisions or go through an experience I ask myself is this true to who I am? Does it clarify or expose a new idea to me?

Beauty: I try to find some element of beauty every day. There is so much natural beauty in people and nature. If I find myself covered with too much ugliness of evil words or deeds from the world I try to create or find a spot beauty and make it my life better.

Freedom: I try to free myself everyday from negativity and bad thoughts. The defintion of freedom is so different for each person. But for me I am truly free when I am allowed to have room to breathe.

and most importantly...

LOVE: If you don't love yourself then what's the point. Love life. Love family. Love yourself. That's what I believe.

Anyway. Hopefully you enjoyed my Oprah moment. Tomorrow? TEN MILES!

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