Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Broken and Tired

I know lately that I have sounded like a cult member with the marathon training and the spinning and who could forget that brief flirtation with Body ATTACK! (HIYA! yup. Still doing it) I've sounded like somebody who drank a little bit too much KOOL-AID at the convention. This is the nitty gritty moment that you usually see on all reality TV shows (i.e the emotional breakdown/I'm not going to be barefoot in a vineyard/ I ate the whole pint of ice cream/I slept with your best friend and I didn't tell you till we were married/moment.) so in other words I'm getting gritty and stripping off all signs off peppy and hyper.

So what did I do today?

Well I went to work. (Where I've been for the last for the last 9 days..don't ask.) and then I came home and changed into (no not my old navy fleece old navy jeans and crocs but I did think about it) my sweats and my old RA t-shirt (Simply your life! Live on Campus!) and laid on the floor and turned on my Tori Amos Under the Pink album and proceeded to do what my body really wanted. Nothing! It felt glorious! Absolutely glorious! Though I was suppose to go to spinning I don't really care.

I mean it. I don't care that today I ate a huge sandwich. I don't care that though my spinning shorts are staring at me judging me I just don't care. After the 14 mile run on Saturday I just felt off so I'm taking the day off for a personal physical and mental health day and it feels great!

I highly recommend it!

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  1. I have those lazy days more often than I should, but Grad school tends to do that to me. The great thing is that when you've worked so hard to get that tired, you don't even feel guilty about having a lazy day! Enjoy it :)