Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Life

I freely admit it. That my ipod should belong to a 14 year old middle school girl. But when you are running or ellicpticaling (is that even a word?) you've got to have music that moves you. Makes you put your hands up in the air. Kinda like a party in the USA. Or maybe I was just born that way? I always raise my glass cause I know inside of me is a firework cause I like to show people what I'm worth and I always let my colors burn.

When I went running on Wend in the rain I sure set fire to it. But when I go for a run with my ipod sometimes I feel like I have a pocket full of sunshine. But before I go I don't want you to forget about me.

But sometimes you have to go run where the streets have no name in order to find out that you belong to me. I also know that when your 15 its hard to find somebody who isn't a brick and will bring you down slowly. I know though that I have to make my own kinda music in order to great a good life for myself.

(Instead of just writing down the songs that are constant rotation on my ipod I created a little puzzle for y'all I put either lyrics or song titles in this post. If you can name all of them way to go if you are totally confused let me know I'll cue you in.)

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