Thursday, February 3, 2011

That's Just the Way We Get By

I don't have a washing machine. Yes I realize that this is a totally lame opening for a post but lets go with it shall we? Because I don't have a washing machine and I am incredibly lazy I let my clothes take over the bedroom floor and when I fall more than three times trying to get to the bedroom door so that I can go to the bathroom is usually when I cry uncle and hoof it over to the Momma's house. Where I throw in huge loads of laundry and use their complementry cable service.

Since the loads of wash were mountainous I had a lot of free time. So what did I do? Watch 2 episodes of TLC's I Didn't Know I was Pregant. Which gave me the inspiration for a new TV show called I Didn't Know I was Fat. Where a whole bunch of us fat people could share their life stories. I'd watch.

What about you?

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