Monday, February 14, 2011

A Happy Birthday and A Lovely Holiday...

I usually loathe and hate Valentines Day. Loathe it for awful middle school memories of people's lockers busting with valentines and flowers you could send each other in class and mad at myself for not being brave enough to send a valentine to the girl I liked. So I went on hating this holiday till I realized that I would split the day in two and celebrate it for what it truly is. My Dad's birthday.

Yes my dear father has a birthday.

How old you may ask?


Which is pretty amazing because my father is in better shape than I am. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful Dad who has taken the time to get to know me, support me in my odd interest and most importantly be calm. When my sister and I did something really stupid we would always tell our Dad because we knew that he would at least remain calm and help us deal with the situation instead of berating us for how stupid we were. In stead of How could you we would get well how are you going to solve this situation?

For his patience. Every Saturday during the winter we would go skiing. He would take the time to ski with us, show us our turns and help us get in control of the sport. It must have been frustrating at times when it was great ski day but I never remember him being upset about it.

I hope that when I have children I can follow his example. He's made his mistakes and I have too but as life goes on it seems we are okay with it. So happy 50th dad!

P.s It's also my cousin Donna's Birthday too. She's awesome!

Bridget Jones Moment.

Week 2 totals of running 16.57.

Meals coming later today.

Forgot to write down Sunday's.

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