Thursday, February 10, 2011

Barbie Girl

So here I am in all my glory. At the ocean wearing a shirt I've had since the 8th grade. (What? It's now Vintage...late nineties are so in right now) and tonight I'm frozen here in my chair. Why you ask? Cause I'm so exhausted. The war has been declared on the international neighbors below me. I've put up with the smoke in my apartment (I smell so sexy just like the marlboro man only you know alive.) and the random food smells that oddly smell like Curry in a Hurry. With school getting ugly for a lot of people there had been a truce declared and the smells ceased.
So off I went to California hoping that my neighbors either got deported or moved. Apparently my fervent prayers were interpreted to mean please play Backstreet Boys with the heavy base line at 11:30 at night and smoke pot.

There is so much a person can take before they crack. And I cracked friends. I cracked like a fried egg on hot sidewalk in Death Valley in the middle of July. I went down there to the smoker den and banged to my heart's content.

When the door opened I suddenly saw rainbows and had a sudden case of the munchies.

Pot head 1: DUDE!

Me: (Seriously? Dude is the line you use when your pissed off neighbor comes downstairs in his pajamas and fake ugg boots you want to use the word dude? this is what I wanted to say. What I said was You playing bad 90's music can you please just turn it down. Thanks.

Pot head 1: DUDE!

Me: Alright. Just turn down the base so that my floor will stop vibrating? Please?

Pot head 1: Ok Dude.

So guess what happens next? You guessed it. I want it that way at level 11. That's when I yelled Uncle and camped out at the parentals. Now those of you who remember me in my RA days are going what happened to calling the cops and making them do a roommate agreement? The answer is I couldn't find my name badge and I was way too tired to care. But I did call my landlord and kindly suggest that she look for munchie plants.

Oh guess what's making an appearance today?


The one person in the audience goes YAY!

So here's the deal folks. I'm training for the Ogden Marathon and I've gotten rather large see exhibit A (The picture above) I'm not on a set plan this time rather I don't eat after 7 gave up the coco cola and so far it seems to be working.

Weight 235.20 (I was 237. 50 last week so lets be grateful)

Run: 4.34


Quaker oats with Cinnamon


Turkey Sandwich on a multigrain hoagie, reduced fat mayo, mustard, baked lays, and a banana.


Quizoa, broccoli and salmon baked in lemon juice, and pepper, and a splash of olive oil.


Banana slice, on wheat toast.


  1. This post made me laugh so freaking hard!!! Sorry about the pleasant people below. Good luck with the training! With a diet and running like that you'll shed pounds FAST.

  2. You rock! I cant believe your running a marathon so great!
    Hey you should check out I have been doing it for a month straight and love it! You put in your current weight height and what your goal is. Then it gives you how many calories you need to lose weight. It's awesome! What I love is that when I exercise it tells me that I can get so many more calories. It's so great. Try it! If you do be my friend on there is like a weight loss facebook. Mine is maw4.