Tuesday, February 8, 2011


(Ten points if you can guess what song I was listening to when I wrote this)

There is something magical about a road trip. I'm sure when Henry Ford mass produced the model T that he didn't know the power of the open road, the promise of Monterey and Carmel, and bottles of Mexican Coke. I saw the beauty of a flooded Great Salt Lake light up the Salt Flats just before sunset. If I could have I would have taken a picture but it wouldn't do it any justice. After Darkness hit and a surprise visit to the bathrooms in West Wendover. (At the Chevron? They have granite counter tops and the floor wasn't sticky. I know I have high standards) and off we were. It was a night of conversation of crazy topics and trivia and when the Mexican Cokes ran out we (well I Loren had his energy drinks) juiced up on Slurpees.

There is something magical about California. Southern California has its San Diego and Disneyland but Northern California has Monterey and Carmel, and San Francisco. But with the sun recharging my batteries and four runs in the 75 degree weather and to walk where Steinbeck walked? Oh it was heaven dear friends. Pure heaven. To dance in the Ocean in February? Yes please! To feel that delightful rush of cold and warmth that wasn't from running from my warm bed to the cold awfulness that is Utah in February. To stand at the Ocean and say Here I am in my smallness.

But it sparked something in me. It sparked something I didn't know I had lost. This trip gave me my hope back. Hope that I'll be able to get somewhere in life. Hope that somebody will say I love you and it won't be Momma Joye. Hope that somebody will want to read my written words but more importantly it sparked my commitment that I made to myself back when I was 19.

To run a marathon on my 26th year.
Hello Ogden Marathon! (Why Ogden? Cause that's where I was born and raised yo.)
Its going to happen. I may have to hobble but I'm going to do it. So to all of you that have to listen to me about running till May I am so sorry.

But more importantly I'm going to keep this little fire glowing as long as I can till the greens return and the blues and the yellows and the purples dance on the mountains.

Come run with me.


(Tune in tomorrow about my Date with bionic Barbie and her Super fun pals!)

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