Monday, February 28, 2011

Troop Beverly Hills What A Thrill...

There are a few movies that inspire me. Some have amazing plot lines and visual effects. Others have actors whose performances literally make you feel what the character is feeling. Then there are movies that are guilty pleasures. I hate to say it but sadly many of my movie choices fall in this category.

Enter Troop Beverly Hills.

Yes dear friends my guilty movie pleasure features the comedic timing of Shelly Long in her first full length movie debut with the guy from Coach. What does this have to do with my life? Well apparently I was a little too influenced by the theme of cookie selling. When a coworker of mine sold me a sob story about her friend's scout troop whose camping trip in the mountains would be dashed (DASHED! I tell you!) if they didn't sell enough cookies. What cold hearted person could I be to deny a girls scout troop a trip to the mountains. She even told me that they had never had s'more (s'more what? Your killing me smalls killing me. Sorry but where else would you put a good sandlot quote?) and that if I wanted to I could donate a box of cookies to a solider serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. (Wow. I actually spelled that right without spell check. Its the small victories you celebrate in life...) Well how could I say no?

Deny a person a s'more?

A trip to the mountains?


Plus a chance to help out the military?

I was gone dear friends. Before I could help myself I pledged for four boxes (2 samoas 2 thin mints) and completely forgot about my selfless service until yesterday. When this selfless service came back to haunt me. When at work arrived the cookies with my name on it. Well it wasn't a treat day so I figured I'd be strong and just put them away. Yet no matter where I went in my apartment there they were. Tempting me. So in they went into the cabinet. Yet I couldn't stop thinking about them and how lonely they would be because of me some girl scout troop was going on a trip to the mountains! A solider was getting comfort from home! This is when the selfless service totally became selfish. Because the Saomas were tempting me with their little O's of perfect chocolate coconut. So in came self justification. If I have two that's only 140 calories. I can have 2. So I opened the package and slid open the the little tray and saw them. And proceeded to eat 2 slowly tasting each perfection of happy bliss. But then I felt bad for the other two who had lost their friends. Wanting everybody to be together I ate the other 2.

Then the black out came.

When I came to there were no more Samoas (There is one box remaining) and a whole lot of cookie crumbs over me. It was bad. Really bad. Yet the sad thing is I'm kinda proud of myself. Where are the rest of the cookies now you ask? Wrapped up in wrapping paper and hidden in my freezer.

Where they will remain for now. Until I have another urge to do self less service.


  1. Haha Shelley Long! Now there's a person that got lost in the 90's... They only put like 6 in a box so I'm not too worried about you. Way to be strong on the rest. :)

  2. I love troop Beverly hills! You will not believe this but I was talking about that show the other day and out of a group of 15 girls only one had seen it, what?!?! You don't know troop beverly hills? Crazy huh! We Didnot have a deprived childhood, nope! I too ordered some and they haven't come yet ah I am a bit worried when they do but thanks for inspiring me to wrap them, freeze them, and save them for a rainy day. Good job! I think having two is just fine,

  3. Bevery Hills what a thrill! I love when they do "the freddy"! great show! It is really about Emily and me at girls camp! haha And a for the cookies, I want some!

  4. Oh, Blake you slay me!!!
    I think I'm bordering on psycho stalker status.
    I love it all, Troop Beverly Hills, Girl Scout cookies, Random Sand Lot quotes!
    oh, and just a side note our cookies got here last on Saturday, it has been 4 days and we have gone from 5 boxes to 3 boxes, which I have now hidden from my family so that I can savor them, when I really NEED them.