Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It Happened In Monterey

So I know I promised a post about Bionic Barbie and my (OH!) so fun day at the gym but I needed a boost so why not share my pictures with y'all. So I made sure my pictures are sanitized for your protection. First stop on 17 mile drive terrible picture of me but look at the trees and its green!
Karisa looking at the ocean.
Loren looking forlornly at the surfers.
Me standing in front of the ocean. The best part was the truck that was here just a few moments before I took the photo. On the bumper it said "Overpopulation is a sexually transmitted disease" and "Uppity Women of the World Unite". I tried to take a photo but I was afraid the woman was going to shoot me so picture it in your mind will you?
Me standing in the ocean.
Me on the beach. With the ocean.
The lonely Cyprus Tree. I had to punch out a couple of Japanese tourist to get this photo. Sorry but I had to get it!

Last but not least the Nugget! It traveled all the way to Monterey. It brought back a lot of memories. This is for you Em!

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