Sunday, May 31, 2009

Love is All around...

This is how I felt today. Last night I had crazy dreams and I dreamnt that I was in a Mary Tylery Moore episode (That and I had Love is All Around No Need to Fake it...all you need to do is take it your going to make it after all...picture me with big hand gestures at the end of that.)
Then I realized why.
I felt Skinny. Have you ever had those moments where you suddenly just stop and go I can walk up a flight of stairs without hanging on to the rails gasping like a 90 year old smoker.
When I put a shirt on my buttons don't strain against my stomach going Hold on its gonna blow!
I actually have to wear a belt with my shorts. Last year I ripped every pair in the croch beccause I was so ashamed to buy new pants.
Size 34 is actually an option instead of a maybe.
I can work at Farr's Ice Cream and not eat every flavor in the bin. (This is huge folks. Do you know how great and wonderfully tasteful it is?)
This year I am going to Hawaii and I am not afraid to go to the Beach. Last year I kept on having this nightmare that I would be laying on the beach and all the people of the beach would come running toward me going Beached Whale! Beached Whale! Throw it back! Throw it back!
But here is the most important part.
I'm Actually Happy.
Like Freaking Juile Andrews on Top of a Mountain Happy.
Tom Cruise Jumping On Oprah's Couch Happy.
Laughing with people you love happy.
Ps. My 25th birthday is on the 22nd of June. Circle your calendars.
No Bridget Jones Moment Tonight. Its Sunday.

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