Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where is it Written?

So why didn't anybody tell me how awesome this show was? Caught the last two episdoes and went Woah!

I think I need to be on here don't ya think?


  1. Whatever Blake! you are too skinny to be on biggest loser! MAYBE if you gained 300 lbs but still! Yes, LOVE biggest loser. I have Jillian Michaels workout video called the 30 day shred. LOVE IT! she's great, it really kicks your butt. you should get it! so fun, and only 20 min. but you really get a good work out. I did it this morning and I'm so much more awake and have more energy.

  2. ALSO i'm going to have to find that pastry shop, but have you been to the one i'm talkig about? its called delightful pastry or soemthing? oh man, honestly can't stop thinking about the lemon bar. ha ha but I'll have to find the one you told me about too. thanks!