Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Dear I Love You So...

For Mothers Day I finally got the chance to log in and create a little something special here on Blake Got Fat. My mother is my number one champion in this journey for weight loss. It was her that said yes you can instead of yeah keep dreaming fatso.
I am so grateful the Lord said to her "He's a little special and defective but I think you are going to like him" and she has kept me around for awhile.

On a totally off topic interuption. Karma rules! So my Dad has been given me grief about Old Faithful in the backyard and the lost keys etc. Well I went to church came home and he attacked the main sewer line. Mine was a temporary fix. His? Not so much. Hum..karma gotta love it...

Now back to mothers

I love my Momma Joye! But I was thinking today during Sunday school about all the others who have helped me, taught me so much this year. So if you don't mind I am going to honor them for their stand out acheivement and give them the first ever Blake Got Fat Momma Award! (I'm not calling my momma fat its just the way the award sounds its our first year give us some time)

To Second Mom Ms. Holli: Thank you for your friendship to my mother. It is this friendship and love that teaches me about strong friendships and people to turn to when times are rough.

To my Aunt Pam: She is a wonderful person! Her laugh and geniune care about me through out my entire life has made me feel so special to be her nephew.

To my Aunt Jill: I love my little aunt! Thank you for always being there for me and letting me go with you everywhere, for those long Grey's Anatomy talks while we hike, and most importantly for just being you!

To My friend April: This last year I have witnessed your strength and determination and geniune love for your family. It has not been easy for you and while I wish I could say that I was the one that gave you comfort you were the one that taught me the value of grief in a person's life, to look for ways to serve. I am so grateful for you.

To My friend Alli: For a first time mother whose baby is constantly fighting for his life, it is you that has shown me that motherhood can be done with grace and strength. Each day you fight for your child. Each day you learn about a different aspect of human suffering but you remain hopeful. To you I must say thank you for teaching me to be hopeful and postive when days are rough. I cannot begin to complain.

To My Grandma Dar: If anyone has taught me to be a better human being it is you. Grandma Dar has taught me the most important lesson. To give yourself first. To give a little wether it be food, whether it be your money, or most importantly yourself. To always think of "what can I do for others instead of myself" and also to laugh. Selfless is the lesson I learn from you.

To My "Grammy"- Ms. Holli Mom- Taught me the power of prayer. At Harry's funeral I had the rare chance to listen to her pray. If I could pray with such love and devotion, and hope I would be so ever grateful.

To Amy: Thanks for being the number one Blake Got Fat Fan!

To Kathy: Thanks for all the Laughs at Aggie Ice Cream and being one of the best bosses! I miss you everyday!

To all of you who has said hello, cared, given, spoke to me I love you and wish I could spend more hours talking about how you have helped me on my weight loss journey!

Bridget Jones Moment:
Water:2 oz
Breakfeast: 2 bowls of Lucky charms
Lunch: A half of tuna fish sandwhich on Sourdough.
Dinner: A hamburger, baked beans, watermelon, strawberries, honeydew and a piece of my awesome aunt Robins cheesecake. Plus a million pieces of carmel corn.

Its time to start up the south beach again.


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  1. Oh Blake, you are the best!!! Thanks so much for that. Love ya boy. I'm trying.