Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Look at Me I'm Blakee B..

I had quite the day yesterday. I started moving into the bungalow and being the nice person that I am as you can see by this lovely photo I mowed the lawn. Well buried deep with in the lawn lay a terrible secret. A hidden spigot for water. Well I didn't know that there was a hidden spigot for water and sheared it off. Needless to say I had a miniture verison of Old Faithful in the backyard. In all of this ballyhoo (don't you just love the word ballyhoo) I locked the keys inside the house. So I'm going to Park City to go get them.
But better news.
I am 213.6!
There is hope!
Bridget Jones Moment coming to you tonight!
Sorry for the delay folks. I am adjusting to being a grown up and edumactated.
Cause I got me graduated you know.
I think I need to go back

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  1. Oh blake! thats terrible! i'm sorry about your run of bad luck! but wow! you look great and looks like you are doing great! keep it up!