Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tell Me Where is it Written What Iam meant to be?

My life has gotten so exiciting lately. This is what I fill out hour after hour, day after day I just sit here at the computer creating marvelous lists of why I am so fabolous. Obiviously employers don't read my blog or else they would know how goal orientend, company orientend, and focused I am. I look at these growing days of endless application process as a humbling lesson. For all of those times I had two or three jobs and I would say to myself one day I am just going to relax and do nothing. When in reality I realize that doing nothing is like a cancer for my brain.

I am nervous. I feel the old food cravings come back. I've lost the moviation to excerise and leave the house. I have become the Boo Radley of the neighborhood. Floating around scaring small children, and the neighbors seem to all talk about me. (Paranoid? Me? Totally false!)

But its time to focus on the real reason why you tune in to the Blake Got Fat Show...

The One

The Only

The Truly Sensational Moment of The Evening...

The Bridget Jones Moment!

Weight: 212

Steps Walked: 5608 or 2.9 miles

Minutes worked out:20

A bowl of Frosted Flakes

Lunch: Strawberries and yogurt

Dinner: Lean Crusine of Chicken and Brocoli

Snacks: A bowl of airpopped popcorn without salt or butter. A piece of chocolate, A fudgesical

(2x) cause I can't help myself the healthy choice is too dang good! In your face Kroger brand!

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  1. I have to agree, the healthy choice fudgesicals, HEAVEN!!!!! SO good, you just have to have 2 sometimes. good luck with the applying, you'll find something perfect for you!