Friday, May 15, 2009

Cause it Happened in Sun Valley!

What can I say? When you get offered a free flight via Vern Farr Airlines who am I to no? As I was virtueously applying for jobs this morning a rare oppurinty occured. The phone rang and it wasn't for Momma Joye it was for me! Huzzah Miracles of Miracles! (At first I thought it might be a somebody calling for a job interview) so in my best professional voice I asnwered. It was my grandpa.

But that was okay.

Cause after I recovered from the disappointment he called and said he was flying to Sun Valley. Did I want to go? Why not? Score one for unemployment! Want to go out to lunch? Sure! Want to go for a hike? Why not my schedule is already empty! Want to go to Sun Valley? Why not?

So being unemployed does have its benifts. Who knew?

Bridget Jones Moment coming tonight? Are you exicited? I know I am!

Here's a little juciy secret. Emily, Momma Joye and the Nip are running the Ogden Marathon tomorrow. If you are in downtown Ogden with nothing to do..around 10:30 or so you should go cheer for them. Tell them that I sent ya.

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  1. What the crap, tell your Gpa I want to go to Sun Valley next time! So jealous!