Sunday, May 24, 2009

I put your picture away...

Sugar is bad folks. So bad that it is now 12:03 in the morning and all of the nasty sugar I have eaten has caused me to be hpyeractive this late at night. I'm not very exicited because I am in a isolated Idaho town and I am feeling a little lost. So what do I do? I turn to food. That wonderful fatty substance that I can devour and eat all the time instead of facing the pain. I wish I had the will power I had when I started this blog. I hope that things get better.

It has to right?

Well anyway here is some pics. Want to see who ran the marathon? I thought so. Here you go!

Here is the Momma Joye. She was sick and still finished! Doesn't she look cute?

The Princess and The Nip.

The Momma and the Princess. The Princess encouraged the Momma and hence the marthon runners were born. I on the other hand ran away to Sun Valley to stuff my face with Despos (formally Desperados) and ice cream really healthy right?


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