Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

It may come down to this.

I might have to return to the place of my weight gain inorder to keep myself in the lifestyle that I have grown fond of. Not Starving.

So Blake Got Fat Readers...

Yes I should Go Back


Run Away and keep on with the job search..

Check yes or no. (Cause this has a strange resemblance to those notes you used to pass back and forth through Middle School).

Bridget Jones Moment Update.


  1. hmmm that is tough! no wonder your having a hard time.... well if you started and you got another job would you be obligated to stay at Farr's? I believe that you could work there and avoid the temptation. you are strong! you can do it! you won't gain it back... But I also think that if you don't take the job you'd be ok too. you'll find something!

  2. Can't you work at Farr's jewelry???