Monday, August 30, 2010

What Will I Do?

Sorry for the space of post but tonight I had to do something for a dear friend who I found out recently had passed away. Though she has been gone for almost two years I was cleaning through some papers and found the last letter she had written to me. In this letter she had asked me to do something for her that I hadn't had the chance to do or properly morn for her.

A brief excerpt:

I have always enjoyed our conversations on the gospel and just life in general. I feel that soon that our conversations will have to take place on a different level. Will you do something for me though when I'm gone and you miss me? Will you sit outside and light a candle for me? And talk to me? Just so I can keep up on the latest gossip? The candle just so I know it's you when I look for you.

So tonight I finally had a moment and I sat outside on my balcony with my special mason jar I made for the occasion (flat clear spray paint and tea light stars of the design will post pics later) and I sat out there with my bottle of Mexican Coke and put on Patsy Cline (cause Patsy was a favorite of hers) and we had a wonderful conversation.

Sometimes you just need a conversation that takes place on heart level where I could just say hello.

Sometimes you just need a moment to say hello.

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