Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rescue Me..

This is part two on Love.

Cause my name is Blake and I'm the Love Doctor.

What is it about desire to seek love that causes us to do the dumbest things? Especially love that can't or won't be returned. It's almost as we would rather throw ourselves toward the brick wall of what if? than accepting the fact that it's never going to happen. Its as if our lonely hearts would rather live in the fantasy of the dreams of that person loving us than rather hearing it for ourselves. So we tell our friends "Why won't they Notice Me?" or what's worse is when you decided to do the whole friend/secret admirer because that always works. So you listen to the problems, the heartaches, and do the whole I love you and I will do anything for you moments. When you are with friends and you get the text "Whatcha doing?" and you find yourself leaving the party to be with them or to solve the latest problem. Till the moment your heart finally says I can do better. Which frees us to find love in the person who truly loves us for us.

However there is always a plus side to love. Cause of the blessed event it makes me realize that love is possible. That love can end happily. Like when I found myself in a lovely relationship with a big beautiful wonderful piece of chocolate cake. Or even better when you taste the delightful taste of Dr. Pepper on your special someone's lips (That's for you Kit) and you realize that in this moment there is bliss.



Sweet Bliss.

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