Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Gonna Give You Something to Talk About...

Let's talk about LOVE.

Since this is the week of the blessed event how could I ignore one of the most popular topics known to man? We use the word all the time. It is one of the most over used expressions. When somebody does something that brings us joy or to end a conversation we say "I love you". But its not just in our conversations its in our music, our movies, our very fiber of our beings. It seems we are a species that is driven to find it, use it and abuse it. (Sorry. Bad pun but I couldn't resist.)

To focus more intently on our music I bet if you put a specified search on you i-pod most of the songs would focus on searching for, having, or being burned by love. It is the music that moves us. It defines those moments that we cannot express in words. Would there be no better moment when you are cruising the vard, parking in the canyon, or riding your mule,(Yes I have friends who find that riding a mule together on a rugged mountain is the most romantic way to spend their time but to each their own.) when "your" song comes on. You put on your favorite Lipsmacker flavor (Watermelon or Dr. Pepper please) and you enjoy one of those passionate moments.

But LOVE also has a dark side. To quote the Shirelle's "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" we search so much for love. We want it. We need it. When we don't have it we become the person we absolutely swore we would never become. The obsessive friend who in the middle of a wake mind you will blurt out "I Will Never Find Love!" or worse when we have become burned by love, absolutely destroyed by it we become part of invisible wounded. Have you ever met a person who has been divorced, or worse going through it who says you know what? We woke up one morning decided to get divorced split our assets 50/50 and shake hands assign no blame and say "It was just one of those things?". If you do would you direct me to them?
Rather they become so entangled in anger and frustration that to talk with them is like being blasted with a nuclear furnace. What ever love was between the two of them has dissolved to where you come in with your own lawyer and mediator with a sign that says "I'm just here to borrow a cookie sheet!"

But when ever I get discouraged about love I just tell myself "You can't hurry Love I' just have to wait".

Just some thoughts.

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  1. so true.
    Oh, and I like Dr. Pepper the best.