Sunday, August 1, 2010

Waking Up in Vegas..

So how was your week?

Wondering how mine was? Well if you look at the pic above it kinda gives you a perspective. I hate sales sometimes. Cause when you are hot and hungry you look at this and suddenly you can rationalize everything.

Six pints of ice cream for a dollar?

Should I?


Then you go home and unload your groceries and realize that your brain has been hijacked by a six year old on a candy binge. Oh dear.

That and I have some sad news. The promiscuous neighbor moved out of the complex. So to random Joe #2 and sneaky Charlie I will miss our awkward morning glances and awkward hellos. To all those others I saw come in and out at night good bye to you too! Please don't write. Don't call. Cause I'm not sure I'd miss you at all. But to smoker Jane (we share a balcony) keep on smoking all the time.Which is fine but not so much when she does it on the balcony and it gets in my apartment and I start smelling like the Vegas. Keep it up I'm going to start blasting Momma Mia at 4:30 in the morning. Cause I can.

So. There was that.

Plus I realized that the princess is getting married in less than three weeks. WEE. A Wedding I don't have to crash. But more on that latter.

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  1. are you freaking kidding me?! 6 pints for A DOLLAR?? Oh yeah, i probably would've walked away with a dozen. so you're doing great. Fun neighbors. You beat the crap out of my little logan suburbia.