Tuesday, August 3, 2010

If I was Carpenter..

I need a nickname for my abode. This is the first single place that I've lived in that I don't have some snarky and somewhat humorous tag line attached to it. That and my apartment looks like Bob Villa's and Martha Stewart's nightmare. If they were to come visit me I imagine that they would look at my unfinished projects and run squealing like little girls.

However if Betty Crocker came to visit I bet we would be the best of friends. Betty wouldn't disapprove of my new creation of mini chocolate chips and sprinkles in yogurt. In fact she would look at me with her beautiful cardboard eyes and say Blake it wonderful! She would show me the inner workings of how to make a boxed cake. She would know that I can never turn down a baked good. (I seriously can't. Offer me a cookie, a slice of cake, or a doughnut and I go don't mind if I do! Is there a Baker's Anonymous? ) So that would make Betty and I the best of friends.

Pictures coming tomorrow.

P.S Does anybody have any good nicknames?

1 comment:

  1. Bakes house haha get it like Blake's house!