Monday, August 2, 2010

Runaway Train Never Coming Back...

For the last two years of my college career I was a Resident Assistant.Wearing the badge o'power I'd wander through the halls of Astach hall spouting words of wisdom such as "Please don't climb the building." or Who in the hell put all of these leaves in front of the doors. Or I would whip up batches of brightly colored informative bulletin boards with helpful information such as "Why Blake is the Best" or "Ten little Secrets about Blake you didn't realize". Yes it was a blissful time. Sadly once in a while I would have to yield the badge o'power to go politely tell people "Shut the mother loving goodness up! Its quiet hours! Silence! Now bow down and worship me and tell me you are sorry!"

I liked this job a lot.

However its screwed me up for the rest of my life.

Case in point.

Last night at 12:30 am the new neighbors who moved into Promiscuous Louise's apartment were banging on the walls. The ceilings. Everywhere. Which would have been fine. But when you wake up at 4 in the morning? And have to be to work at 5? Not so nice! So reverting back to the ol'e RA badge of power I politely but firmly told them to that they were bad people and needed to be quiet so Blake could get his beauty rest or else.


They looked at me funny too.

Oh well.

Good thing I didn't wear the badge o'power huh?


  1. hey, want to come down to houston and tell my neighbors to shut up? they could use a reminder of when "quiet hours" are....

  2. That is great! You are taking after Princess Emily very nicely!

  3. Afterward did you accidentally go to your email inbox to find the latest version of an "incident report" form to fill and and send to Richard? Ha ha ha. Next time try putting on your name badge o'power - maybe it will make you look official so they actually WILL shut up. Ha ha, love it.

  4. hahahaha....that makes me laugh...really hard