Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stay Just a Little Bit Longer...

I only post this picture because it adds to the general theme. That and I can't eat anymore ice cream because I have pictures on Saturday and unless I can bribe the photographer to only photograph me upside down or on my back so the fat all drips backwards and out of sight. Yeah. I didn't think so either.

So with Love week ending and me having some pressing wedding adventures coming up I just have to ask. What is the most annoying love song you have ever heard? The song that you hear and you find your fingernails digging into your flesh, with a cold clammy sweat pouring over you? When I was a professional ice cream scooper we would have to listen to the most annoying songs that should have died fifty years ago. When Blue Velvet would come on the stereo I would find myself saying rather dirty things about the lyrics to that song. If you want them I'll tell ya but they are rather raunchy.

So what is the most annoying love song to you?

Leave a comment.


Or on my facebook.


I promise that it's not going to ruin the wedding.

I'm not that brave.

That and I want to live.

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