Saturday, April 7, 2012

Somedays You Just Can't Make It On Your Own

Um Hi.

I know. I know . Where the Hell have I been?! Well I kinda decided to go live my life for a little bit. The month of March I spent most of it under a terrible illness. I mean a real bad nasty take everything I had to make it illness. You know its bad when you start seeing dead relatives at work and you loudly proclaim "I see dead people!" to no one in particular. Yeah that was fun. Then it became the illness that killed my appetite. I didn't eat for three days and I must say in all honesty that it was wonderful I didn't have to figure out what to cook, clean dishes, or go to the grocery store and I lost 5 pounds!

Then on top of that I decided to go run a half marathon in Santa Cruz California. Cause you know what sounds like a truly inspirational story boy gets weird illness and run three weeks later! Its a miracle no proclaims ever. What I learned from that wonderful experience is A. Neveda is the ugliest state ever. B. My version of Grease is amazing and I wish I would have captured it on video. Truly Oscar and Grammy material. C. 10 hours in the car by myself makes me really loopy and strangely afraid of the car. D. I had to break up with Adele. I love her but there is only so much of Someone Like You that a person can take before they go for the love of everything either get back together with the bloke or eat a pint of ice cream! move on girl! (Still love her but she had to go to the box. i.e. the box of things I hide in my apartment that I still want but have truly annoyed me to death. Yes. I realize that is a hording technique but lets dwell on that later shall we?) now on to the exciting news.

Since that awful terrible horrible no good morning when I stepped on the scale and qualified to be a Biggest Loser contestant I've lost 32 pounds! Yay! Says the singular person in the audience. So hopefully by my birthday I'll be back at 215 the weight I was before I ate all my feelings.

But that's not really the exciting part of this post.

I'm writing a book.

Yeah Blake got Fat in a super sized edition.

I don't have a book deal but I am working on a outline to send to literary agents. Cause its time.

Yeah. So that's where I've been. I'm not dead. Or am I?


  1. Blake I love you and I love reading your posts. Thank you for them. I'm glad you are feeling better, I afraid I've got that same illness, its the worst. Anyways I'm really excited that you are writing a book, I can't wait to read it!

  2. I can't tell you how proud I am of you for all of the above! (except the illness) You rock and are truly inspirational!